The PopUp CLT™ (Consumer Location Test) is the first product testing solution for fast, affordable and flexible consumer product research.

PopUp CLT™ Advantages

Through our first-to-market experience has emerged several key competitive advantages, methodology efficiencies and lower research costs for clients. 

PopUp CLT Advantages Chart.png


  • Up to several hundred product surveys completed per day

  • Hands-on recruiting with three step screening process

  • Rigorous staff monitoring of participants

  • Fresh participants for all studies (no lists)

  • Tight control of sample preparation and product serving specifications

  • Drop-out rate is less than 5%

  • Open-ends have over a 80% response rate


  • Virtually "Anytime and Anywhere”

  • Unbeatable project turnaround

  • Real-time results with 24 hour data delivery

  • Reporting and sig testing available within 3-5 days of testing completion

  • Same day recruiting, screening and product testing


  • Participant incentives average $5

  • Low sample and recruiting costs

  • No costly building leases in numerous markets