National Consumer Taste Tests: Energy Drink Advertising Claim Substantiation

Energy Drink Taste Tests - National Consumer Research Study

Energy Drink Taste Tests


Business Need

An emerging energy drink company chose TasteMakers Research Group for it's ability to quickly and cost effectively conduct national consumer taste tests against Monster and Red Bull's leading sugar free, regular and newly enhanced product versions. Testing was completed in four U.S. markets according to ASTM's (American Society for Testing Materials) best practices in Sensory Advertising Claim Substantiation.


In order to efficiently reach category users of energy drinks, a series of national PopUp CLTs were activated at L.A. Fitness gyms across the country. Research design, demographic selection, sample sizes and testing methodology were performed in accordance with best practices of Sensory Advertising Claim Substantiation Standards.


Client and study results are currently confidential, however results were used in part to complete acquisition status.