The PopUp CLT™ (Central Location Test) developed by TasteMakers Research Group is the first product testing solution for fast, affordable and flexible consumer research.

A Hybrid Approach

Our proprietary PopUp CLT™  (Central Location Testing) methodology leverages 1:1 consumer product testing, online surveys and targeted field intercepts with best practices in consumer research and sensory evaluation standards.


competitive advantages

  • Significant speed, control and cost advantages
  • Up to several hundred consumer evaluations delivered per day in real-time
  • 24 to 72 hour results and analysis turnaround
  • Complex randomizations and skip patterns supports over 25 product variations
  • Dropout rates less than 5%
  • National Reach + Targeted Demos
TasteMakers Taste Test 1
TasteMakers Taste Test 2
TasteMakers Taste Test 3