Agile Market Research Capabilities

Faster, more practical consumer insights lead to quicker decisions, accelerated growth and first mover advantages.

TasteMakers Taste-Test Soda


  • PopUp CLT™ (Central Location Testing)
  • Online Surveys
  • In-Home Use Testing
  • One on One's & Focus Groups
  • Social Media Listening
  • Consumer & Industry Trends
  • Bilingual Consumer Testing
  • Custom & Hybrid Methodologies


  • Consumer Taste Tests
  • Competitive/Comparative Product Research
  • Package Tests
  • Concept Testing
  • Pricing Optimization
  • User Testing & UI Experience
  • Branding, Creative & Positioning
  • Awareness, Usage & Attitude

Data delivery

  • Client Access to Real-Time Results
  • Data Files, Frequency Reports and Verbatims w/in  0-2 days
  • Significance Testing within 5 days
  • Topline PPT Report w/in 5 days
  • Advanced statistics and reporting such as penalty analysis, custom banners and stat tested tables
  • Integrated Video Capture of Open-End Survey Responses
  • Highlight Reel of Consumer Response
  • Commercial Quality Filming and Editing for Marketing and Advertising Purposes