The PopUp CLT™ (Central Location Test) developed by TasteMakers Research Group is the first product testing solution for fast, affordable and flexible consumer research.

Consumer Product Testing Locations 

There are unlimited ways to reach your consumers with the PopUp CLT™ (Central Location Test). We engage targeted participants nationwide at retail, tourist destinations, cultural events, gyms and urban flea markets to name just a few of our everyday testing sites. 

TasteMakers Research Group leverages partnerships nationwide that are quickly activated to fit most demographic and market specifications. Tourist destinations such as the iconic Hollywood sign and the famous Venice Beach Boardwalk  reach mainstream consumers while upscale lifestyle retail and restaurant complexes target healthy food shoppers, affluents and fitness enthusiasts.

Venice Beach boardwalk, Venice, CA

TasteMakers Research Group PopUp CLT Consumer Taste Test 1
  • Venice Beach is one of the most famous and busiest beaches in the world
  • Demographic: Mainstream and GenPop consumers
  • Visited year-round by locals, tourists, families, eccentrics, beach lovers and outdoor enthusiasts

8000 Sunset, West hollywood, CA

TasteMakers Research Group PopUp CLT Consumer Taste Test 2
  • An upscale shopping complex anchored by Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, Veggie Grill and Crunch Fitness
  • Demographic: Affluent, Health and Fitness Enthusiasts, Early Adopters 
  • Frequented by health, beauty and fitness enthusiasts